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2011 Annual Report


The latest edition of the ABC arbitrage Annual Report is now available online.

Following the 2011 edition, which was deliciously edible and which was awarded the Grand Prix Stratégies for design by France’s leading communication trade magazine, the ABC arbitrage group in keeping with its strategy to create a distinctive Annual Report every year, decided this year to evoke the world of sports. A natural choice for 2012 with its major international sports events: the UEFA soccer Euro 2012 and of course the London Olympic Games.

Team spirit, the desire to achieve excellence and higher levels of performance, fair play, respect, discipline, concentration, challenges, etc. are all key concepts that apply to both sports and the arbitrage business.

Working closely once again with our partner communications agency, Aristophane, we propose a new creative report which we hope will have our “fans” cheering, with about 15 chapters inspired by different aspects of sports that we hope will allow you to discover our organization, our know-how, our teams and our values. This year’s report also features an in-depth and open interview with Dominique Ceolin, the group’s CEO, who frankly speaks about the company, the current economic climate and the new ground rules that the financial industry must deal with.

So, on your marks, get ready Go, ABC, Go!

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