Talent cocktail, cultural mix, blended skills, crucible of ideas: ABC arbitrage, since its foundation, has applied a simple recipe, with diversity as the main ingredient of a unique corporate culture.

ABC arbitrage has built up its organization by empowering its staff to express its professional expertise creatively, encouraging entrepreneurial initiative, interactivity and self-assertion.

1 . Sought-after profiles

We are determined to enrich our teams by recruiting people with diversified skills, but who demonstrate a certain number of shared characteristics: curiosity, efficiency, initiative, discipline, the desire to achieve results.
These characteristics are essential for working together with a long-term view, and are the essential conditions we apply in our recruitment policy.

We are mainly looking for people who have four to five years of post-secondary scientific training, having just graduated or with a significant initial professional experience.

We are looking for people who have degrees from engineering or business schools or universities, who have an open-minded and creative mindset and who are interested in financial markets. They must be agile in a logical and mathematical environment and willing to rethink some of their conventional ideas. We offer a flexible and non-conformist framework which enables people to explore unhampered career paths.

Educational background of the team at December 31, 2014
Engineering schools, scientific degrees (4 to 5 years of higher education) 55%
University training in finance and management (4 to 5 years of higher education) 12%
Business school (4 to 5 years of higher education) 19%
Other (up to 2 or 3 years of higher education) 14%
2 . Professional opportunities

We offer a full range of financially-related professional activities within the various business units of the ABC arbitrage group, all dedicated to developing our unique know-how. When people join our young and multi-disciplinary teams, they are encouraged to express their talents, to assert their potential and to acquire new skills by practicing traditional functions in an innovative and alternative way.

We also offer paid internships to students who are in the final year of their studies. As an intern, you will have the opportunity to gain a good understanding of our businesses and to participate actively in innovative projects. Our internship program aims not simply to allow you to discover our company, but rather to pave the way for your recruitment once you have graduated. Internships give future graduates an opportunity to put their knowledge and skills to work.

Staff breakdown at December 31, 2014
Operational departments 29%
Decision-support departments 52%
Administrative support 12%
Executive management and internal control 7%
3 . Recruitment process

Applications can be sent throughout the year, either in response to open job offers or spontaneously even if no specific opening has been announced. We will examine all applications made by people with interesting profiles and we are as interested in open encounters as we are to responses for specific job offers. We try to be as responsive as possible and we are committed to replying to applications as quickly as possible. All requests will be answered, whatever the outcome of the application.

Our Recruitment division pre-selects applicants who are then contacted directly for further appraisal by the business units and departments concerned.

Depending on the position, candidates are often first contacted by our operating teams for an initial conversation regarding the requirements of the position, the required professional skills, the candidate’s expectations and common goals.

Once an application has been qualified and approved, we then organize a face-to-face meeting with someone from the department directly concerned: managers, experts or directors. We generally organize three individual meetings at this stage, which last about one hour each and where we examine both professional and personal skills.

After these meetings, the ABC arbitrage people involved carry out a joint evaluation for each applicant. It’s important to reach consensus within ABC arbitrage in our choice of future recruits.

Once a decision has been made, we then focus on setting the groundwork to define the various conditions for the job and we then proceed to a formal job offer which is sent to the potential employee. This overall recruitment process generally takes less than one month.

4 . Integration and in-house training

The constant acquisition of knowledge is also of critical importance in allowing each individual to adapt to changes in the working environment and to drive progress across the entire organization.
We consistently strive to help our staff improve their skills and gain recognition of their professional development through appropriate training plans.

As soon as someone arrives in the group, he or she is given training in the techniques, the tools and the business of ABC arbitrage. This qualitative transmission of knowledge generally lasts about four months. Managers and experts in each department are directly involved in this process. Each employee also has access to a wealth of information on how the company functions via the Intranet. Our goal is to familiarize our new employees with the culture and the working principles of ABC arbitrage and to enable them to take up their functions and integrate themselves into their team in the best possible way.

In addition, the company’s founders and executives contribute actively to the development of the group, either in operations or as administrators. Through constant exchange and encounters, teams benefit from the high-level expertise of market specialists and managers, with an average of twenty years of experience among the company’s leaders. This sharing of experience and know-how is an essential element in enriching people’s skills on a daily basis.

5 . Career management

We seek to enable each person in the company to express their talents and to assert their potential in a pleasant and conducive working environment. We consider our employees as committed partners, participating in a long-term project. ABC arbitrage managers are all open and available and are committed to empowering and motivating everyone in the organization. Our main goal is to allow people to optimize their competencies and develop their professional and personal skills.

Twice a year, employees meet with their team manager and explore possible developments in line with individual expectations and aspirations. These interviews are designed to evaluate performance achievements in terms of clearly-defined objectives, to set future objectives, to determine what training may be required and to consider or confirm professional changes and/or promotions.

People move from one level of competencies and responsibility to another as they accomplish certain goals or reach certain milestones and which enable them to qualify for positions on the basis of well-defined criteria. Learning, producing, capitalizing and creating are the four main stages in the internal promotion process.

We are committed to creating and applying a highly-motivating corporate culture, which provides opportunities and prospects for future development. Our promotions policy is to encourage people to leverage their performance and to evolve within the organization in many different ways. Depending on their ambitions, each employee can strengthen their expertise, discover transverse positions or assume management responsibilities.

6 . Competency levels within the group

The company is divided into departments with various operating teams.
Each department is directed by a Manager (or person in charge), who is often supported by a Deputy Manager in charge of an operating team. An operating team brings together, within the department, several people with different skills and levels of competency who work on a specific and clearly defined area of business. Each operating team has staff classified according to levels of competency, seniority and professional experience: Junior, Qualified Junior, Senior, Senior Expert, Specialist.

For their part Business Managers or Business Leaders have the responsibility of managing profit centers or business units (the grouping of several staff members from different departments with different levels of competency whose task is to build all or part of the financial results of the company). One or several arbitrage strategies, for example, can be the focus of a business unit.

Level Characteristics Required experience
Junior Integration period All staff at the beginner’s stage
Qualified Junior Specialization period After 12 months as a Junior
Senior Autonomous period After 30 months of experience
Senior Expert Optimization period After 18 months as a Senior
Specialist Maturity phase After having been a Senior Expert, Deputy Manager or Business Leader for at least 18 months
Business Leader Management of multi-department projects After having been a Senior Expert, Deputy Manager or Specialist for at least 18 months
Business Manager Management of a Business Unit (profit center) After having been a Business Leader Team or Manager for at least 30 months
Deputy Manager Management - Department After having been a Senior Expert, Specialist or Business Leader for at least 18 months
Manager Management - Department After having been a Business Manager or Deputy Manager for at least 18 months
Director Management - Department After having been a Manager or Business Manager for at least 48 months
7 . Compensation and benefits

We operate in a demanding business which entails a great deal of responsibility. Each staff member plays a critical role in the process leading up to the execution of arbitrage transactions and the creation of profits. We place considerable emphasis on promoting the awareness that each person's work has impacts on that of his or her co-workers. Our human resources policy focuses on rewarding staff for their expertise and personal performance, based on the achievement of individual and collective targets.

The group’s compensation and benefits policy, which is incentive-driven and fair, fosters greater involvement and loyalty to contribute to the creation value, through equity-driven instruments: profit-sharing, discretionary incentive schemes, performance-related bonuses, stock options, share grants, etc.
Each person, at their specific level, is totally involved in the success of ABC arbitrage.
The Board of Directors firmly believes that this policy aligns the interests of the group’s shareholders and its employees.