Discover if your personality is in tune with the ABC arbitrage mindset

Have fun taking the following test, to see if your personality is in tune with the ABC arbitrage spirit… and if we’re made for each other.

For each multiple-choice question, answer A, B or C. By clicking on the button at the bottom of the page, “See your profile”, you’ll discover if you’re slightly, clearly or very ABC arbitrage.


  • 1. Curiosity…

    • A) is a terrible fault

    • B) is to be applied moderately

    • C) is a terrible fault… but necessary to succeed

    2. Being independent is…

    • A) a form of freedom

    • B) having the courage to think and act differently

    • C) cutting oneself off from the world

  • 3. Being supportive and being demanding of others are…

    • A) not really compatible

    • B) essential qualities

    • C) very closely linked

    4. At the office…

    • A) I compete with everyone

    • B) I stick to my job

    • C) I like to evolve as part of a collective project

  • 5. Creativity…

    • A) is reserved for artists

    • B) is to think differently about what is already been done

    • C) means never setting limits

    6. Enthusiasm…

    • A) stimulates action and creates momentum

    • B) is a bit of a pain

    • C) sometimes hides other realities

  • 7. Being capable of questioning oneself…

    • A) is to make concessions

    • B) is to know how to listen to others and evolve

    • C) is not always easy

    8. Being rigorous and organized…

    • A) allows one to concentrate on the essential

    • B) is a necessary evil

    • C) is a waste of time

  • 9. Professionally, I focus on…

    • A) team management

    • B) technical expertise

    • C) entrepreneurial commitment

    10. To be ambitious…

    • A) is to be a status seeker

    • B) makes you blind

    • C) allows you to go beyond yourself