A human adventure with common values

jean pierre

The construction of the single-hull Virbac Paprec 3 in its New Zealand shipyard involved more than 25 people. In all, 30,000 hours of work were needed to get from the original model to the finished product, a true technological delight!

Since 2007, ABC arbitrage has partnered with Jean-Pierre Dick and his Paprec Virbac sailing team.
While at first sight, competitive sailing and arbitrage seem to have little in common, amazing similarities emerge if one has a closer look. To begin with, both activities share some very fundamental principles.

"Our professions are really quite close in terms of the challenges we must deal with."

“In fact,” assert Jean-Pierre Dick and Dominique Ceolin, “our professions are really quite close in terms of the challenges we must deal with. At sea or on shore, we try to reconcile often contradictory factors: meticulous preparation and responsiveness, audacity and ambition tempered with a great deal of humility, a simultaneous search for performance and reliability and a focus on both technology and management.
But, above all, we both believe that achieving ambitious goals can only be done with great pleasure and passion.”

Both companies are therefore very close in terms of their management philosophies and their industrial approach to development, based on organizational cohesion and team work. They also believe that each individual can fully develop personal skills and ambitions as part of a larger effort. When one adds a spirited sense of competition and constant enthusiasm, the result is a strong partnership based on solid fundamentals which over time have developed into a true professional friendship.

After its initial commitment with Jean-Pierre Dick, ABC arbitrage decided to extend its support to a talented budding member of his team, Thomas Normand.