ABC arbitrage Asset Management has a simple organizational structure based on the interaction of several major departments supporting revenue-generating operations. The group is constantly fine-tuning its organization to adapt to changes in the market and to maintain its competitiveness and strengthen its efficiency.

An overriding principle is applied throughout the organization: the separation of functions. Thus, in terms of efficiency, this principle allows each person to be empowered to contribute their skills within an area of expertise and, in terms of governance, it ensures that cross-corporate control is embedded into the organization, thus ensuring permanent internal audits of processes.

The group’s main drivers are research, innovation and a systematic approach to its business. To maintain momentum, teams are continuously seeking to develop original arbitrage strategies and are always on the lookout for new ideas.

These strategies are developed by the “Operations” function and put to “Executive Management” for approval.

ABC arbitrage group currently has about 30 ongoing operational arbitrage strategies structured in profit centers (business units).



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