ABC arbitrage has always been committed to building a corporate culture based on unique characteristics that distinguish the company from other players. ABC arbitrage encourages its teams to constantly challenge conventional ideas and to assume that nothing is impossible.

The group succeeds in offering consistently high quality services through its closely-knit team of highly-skilled staff united by their commitment to innovation and superior performance.

The team is made up of around 80 people with scientific qualifications and an international mindset. Their average age is 35 years old. They combine an inquisitive spirit with the discipline required to comply with demanding processes and procedures. And, above all, they all share the same commitment to contributing to the company’s long-term success.

ABC arbitrage Asset Management

(Unlisted Management Company)

ABC arbitrage Asset Management is a Public Limited Company with a Board of Directors, with share capital of EUR 32,000,000. The company is licensed to operate as a portfolio manager (AMF license N° GP04000067). On 22 July 2014, ABC arbitrage Asset Management was approved by the French securities regulator to act as an Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM). The new license will not have any impact on the company’s previously authorised programme of activity, which is now carried out in accordance with Directive 2011/61/EU.

The Board of Directors is composed of three members: Dominique Ceolin (Chairman), David Hoey (Vice-Chairman) and ABC arbitrage (the group’s parent company).

Executive management

  • Dominique CEOLIN
  • David HOEY

Department management

  • Laetitia HUCHELOUP
  • Alexandre OSPITAL
  • Franck BONNEAU
  • Yves Oleg Zajtelbach
  • Vincent Gigot

ABC arbitrage

(Parent company listed on Euronext Paris-Compartment B)

ABC arbitrage is a Public Limited Company with a Board of Directors, with a share capital of EUR 857,239.71.

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Department management

  • Dominique CEOLIN
  • Julien AUMONT