Positive finance

We are enthusiastic technologists We decrypt the complexity of financial markets We hire smart and committed people We build successful arbitrage strategies since 1995 We are ABC arbitrage

ABC arbitrage
We are scientists & experts

Feelings and intuition don’t get you to the state of the art — engineering, science and hard work will.

  • derivatives options
  • metrics analytics
  • statistical risk control
  • engineering monitoring
  • big data low latency
  • .NET maker
  • C++ code
We are a team

A great team is the key to success. We share the same floor, the same workspace, we work together. We are agile, fluid, and we have fun.


  • small team motivation
  • collaborative Google Apps
  • independent performance
  • flat hierarchie keep it simple
... butwhat is an arbitrage ?


1. Definition of an arbitrage by ABC arbitrage
We're not newcomers...
Founded in 1995
21 positive financial years in a row

Scientific approach is key.
Since the beginning, our philosophy has driven us to succeed.

One philosophy

We know how important each person is.
We always look for new talent to excel.

2016Constant movement

We believe in digital transformation.
We think outside the box, every year we invest more and more in R&D.

and we are not bored yet...
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