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Jean-Pierre Dick

Ambassador of tenacity
Since 2007, ABC arbitrage has been a partner and official supporter of Jean-Pierre Dick and the Absolute Dreamer team.

While at first sight, competitive sailing and arbitrage seem to have little in common, amazing similarities emerge.

Our professions are really quite close in terms of the challenges we must deal with. At sea or on shore, we try to reconcile often contradictory factors: meticulous preparation, responsiveness, audacity and ambition tempered with a great deal of humility.
We share a simultaneous quest for performance and reliability with a focus on both technology and management.

Dominique Ceolin, CEO - ABC arbitrage

Easy To Fly : Jean-Pierre Dick flew to a new support, the Easy To Fly, the last born foilers, 26 feet catamaran of which he is the designer. He will skip the Easy To Fly sponsored by ABC arbitrage and the city of Nice and participate in 5 regattas, new challenges in perspective for 2018!

I watched the catamarans in the last America’s Cup with great admiration. They set me dreaming and inspired me to contribute to the history of flying multihulls. Then the Easy to Fly concept then seemed the obvious step: small in scale, a happy medium between the dinghy and extreme racing, make the adrenaline of flying accessible to amateur crews.

Jean-Pierre Dick, Skipper

Since 2012, each year, 20 employees at ABC arbitrage have the unique opportunity to sail with Jean-Pierre or his team on StMichel-Virbac.

  • 2011Winner of Transat Jacques Vabre with Jérémie Beyou
  • 2012-20134th of the Vendée Globe after 2643 milles without keel
  • 2016 4th of the Vendée Globe and finishes his solo world tour in 80 days 1h 47 min and 45 sec
  • 2017Winner of the Transat Jacques Vabre in team with Yann Elies
    A record with this 4th victory, this is a first in the history of this race!


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Independent association representing listed SMEs and midcaps
In the general interest, MiddleNext is striving to build the future of Midcaps by making political decisions more realistic in their impacts on these companies that are the driving force of the French economy.
Support change in Finance
MiddleNext's mission is threefold

Represent and defend the interests of Midcaps in relations to the market and public authorities
Promote the listed companies it represents and raise their profile in the financial community, among investors and in the media
Help directors to master the market techniques they need to optimise their stock market listing

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La maison des Jeunes Talents

Train our future talent
La Maison des Jeunes Talents, an innovative program led by the Fondation Financière de l’Echiquier, enables deserving female scholarship students to pass the entrance examinations for France's most prestigious universities, or grandes écoles.
Train & Impart our convictions for the future
Our mentors at ABC dedicate time to spend with their protégées


Equal opportunities program
34 Students in 2016-2017
2016 - 2018
Dorine, protégée

2016 - 2018
Chloé, protégée

Two hours of commute per day plus noise at home, it was impossible to work well in these conditions; especially as the preparatory courses are very demanding. Maison Echiquier offers me a comfortable environment in which I can concentrate on my studies, and it is very close to the school. But what I particularly like is the human assistance provided by the program: the headmistress and my mentor are a great support!

M. , ECS student at Chaptal
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Charly Quivront


Put him into very rough waters and he will show you amazing tricks and moves pulled off with such ease that it will make you want to try it. Try it and you will understand the courage and talent it takes to play with the oceans!

Dominique Ceolin, CEO - ABC arbitrage

Prize list: 4th France Junior Championship, Vice Champion de France Open 2015, 2nd Prozis Pro Junior Espinho 2015

Currently Living in Hossegor, France
Favorite Spot: Lowers trestles (California) or Seignosse (France)
Favorite country: Hawaii but I need to go back to Indo
First board: Made by my uncle for my 3rd birthday
Stance : Regular
Goals: WSL European Junior Champion

Charly Quivront, Surfer
22 Years Surfing
1995 18th of October DoB


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