The Springboard 2025 strategic plan focuses on priorities for today and tomorrow. For today, to maintain our profitability targets every half year, every year. For tomorrow, because like the ABC2022 plan, it must continue to build the foundations for growth over the next 10 years.

Dominique Ceolin, CEO of ABC arbitrage
  • 2025-2023

  • 2022-2020

  • 2019-2017

  • 2016-2010

  • 2009-2006

  • 2005-2001

  • 2000-1995

Springboard 2025

The group detailed its ambitions during the presentation of the “Springboard 2025” strategic plan in March 2023. This plan, also called “for today and for tomorrow”, is a logical extension of the dynamic launched in the previous business plan, around significant investments in R&D, efforts made to raise external funds while managing a level of profitability which must be consistent with the market parameters encountered. Building on the positive signals from the previous plan, the growth of current activity through the diversification of the strategies developed by the group remains more than ever a priority.

The macroeconomic context in which we have been operating for several years supports our pursuit of research that will enable us to generate substantial revenues less dependent on volatility. In order to nurture these ambitions, we are considering strategic recruitment and encouraging a corporate culture focused on “Scalability” and “Creativity” to gain speed and encourage innovation.

ABC 2022

The Group has presented its strategic plan “ABC 2022” in March 2020, “ABC 2022” is focused on a strong development of the third-party asset management activity and an increase in R&D investments.
In the face of the latest events, the Group has decided to focus on handling the current health crisis without losing its determination and means to build the principles to adapt to future economic support measures taken by Centrals Banks and Governments.

Step Up 2019

The “Step Up 2019” program is focused on pursuing the development of low-volatility strategies and IT and R & D investments on the Group’s historical strategies in order to better cope with the market environment that has emerged since 2012. In the long term, investments must be able to develop the group’s management capabilities and improve the stability of results in a majority of market contexts.

New Horizon – 2010/2013

Having moved into new offices at 18 rue du 4 Septembre (in the heart of the Paris in the financial district), the group now has state-of-the-art facilities to enable it to boost performance and, in particular, to launch new third-party investment funds and to launch its “Horizon 2015” program.

Ambition 2016 – 2014/2016

In 2013, faced with this radical change in the markets, ABC arbitrage laid the foundations for a new growth plan, “Ambition 2016”. There are four main pillars to the plan: recruitment,  geographical expansion, innovation and asset management. This plan is particularly illustrated by the opening of Quartys in Dublin, the opening of ABC arbitrage Asset Management Asia in Singapore, and the acquisition of AIFM approval for ABC arbitrage Asset Management.


Horizon 2010 – 2006/2007

ABC arbitrage implemented its “Horizon 2010” project in 2006. Through this program, ABC arbitrage has implemented a high incentive mechanism to foster a true convergence of interests between shareholders and staff, to undertake forward-looking projects and ensure the company’s sustained growth and development.

In 2007, ABC arbitrage Asset Management extended its offer for third party asset management, by creating its first Irish-based alternative investment fund, open to qualified investors.

Market recognition – 2008/2009

In 2008 and 2009, ABC arbitrage group generated record profits. ABC arbitrage surpassed its “Horizon 2010” goals one year ahead of schedule, with cumulated net earnings of €106 million in 2006 to 2009.


Years of consolidation – 2001/2003

In 2001, ABC arbitrage reinforced its organization to optimize performance. To that end, it created a corporate governance structure in March 2001 to oversee operations in the interest of its shareholders.

On February 13, 2003, ABC arbitrage successfully transferred its assets to the “Second Marché”, Euronext Paris, compartment B.

Lauch of third party asset management services – 2001/2003

During this period, the group demonstrated the relevance of its organization and the flexibility and quality of its approach, capable of responding to all market developments and of facing increased competition. This generated request from outside investors, interested in benefiting from its expertise and proven track record, enabling ABC arbitrage to develop a major project for third party asset management services.

To this end, the group set up ABC arbitrage Asset Management, approved by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF – French stock market authority), thus allowing the company to commercialize its know-how and manage assets for outside investors.

The beginning – 1995/1996

At the beginning, ABC arbitrage focused its development on selling its expertise as a consultancy to institutional investors, thus ensuring an initial flow of recurrent revenues to build up its capital base. ABC arbitrage generated profits as of its first fiscal year.

Validation of the industrial business model – 1997/2000

As of 1997, ABC arbitrage began to invest its own assets in different markets in Europe and in the US.  Beginning with the 1999 fiscal year, investment of its own assets generated the majority of its operating earnings. In February of 1999, ABC arbitrage was listed on the “Marché Libre”, Euronext Paris.

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