Ethic and CSR

Our team

  • The group is committed to the well being and health of its employees: respect a work-life balance, solution of nursery childcare, fresh fruit and dried fruit self-service, etc.
  • ABC arbitrage Group undertakes not to discriminate in any way, in particular with regard to nationality, culture, sex or disability. The group practices diversity, be it cultural or generational, through the integration of different collaborators.
  • The group wants to involve teams over the long term and create a convergence of interests via a motivating remuneration policy.

The environment

Even if ABC arbitrage’s environmental footprint is low, employees are aware of this problem:

  • Various e-mails raising awareness of good environmental practices are regularly sent out;
  • An invitation to recycling and good waste management thanks to selective sortingin charge by the Joyeux Recycleurs.
  • As far as possible, the group tries to find a second life for computer equipment (donations to employees, donations to associations, schools, etc.).
  • The group is committed to sustainable paper consumption: automatic setting of printers in black and white and double-sided, digitalization of our work processes to minimize the use of paper; dematerialization of its annual financial reports.

The society

  • The group has contributed, at its level and since its creation, to local development as an employer but also by its business since it brings liquidity to the markets and participates fully in the development of the financial industry.
  • The group is committed to respecting all human rights, including those covered by the main ILO Conventions.

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