Ethic and CSR

The societal responsibility of ABC Arbitrage revolves on three main areas: 

  • A dynamic recruitment management and employee support is its first wealth to create the favorable conditions to their professional development and fulfillment. The group also relies on an attractive incentive remuneration policy joining everyone to ABC arbitrage’s performance and its results. It goes by the willingness to exercise an international activity but to also maintain a strong implementation in France by conviction. 
  • This quest for talent development is concerned with diversity and inclusion in every way. The issues of equality between men and women are subject to a particular attention because of the specific difficulties met in the finance and digital sectors.
  • The will to take into consideration environmental aspects in all the decisions: the group strives to raise awareness of environmental issues among its  employees and stakeholders and to reduce its direct impact on the environment through various initiatives. The measurement of the group’s carbon footprint is an integral part of this process to identify the most relevant action levers.

Our team

  • The Group aims to offer its employees a rich and fulfilling working life: remuneration, social relations, safety, training, equal treatment, working environment and company life are all aspects to which it pays careful attention.
  • The Group is committed to the well being and health of its employees and to  enable a good work-life balance: childcare solutions in “crèches”, self-service dried fruit, etc.
  • ABC arbitrage Group is committed to not discriminate in any way, particularly with regard to nationality, culture, gender or disability. On the contrary, the group seeks diversity through the integration of different employees.
  • With regard to gender equality in the workplace, ABC Arbitrage has drawn up an action plan based on a diagnosis. These actions are a priority for the company, and form part of its day-to-day fight against all forms of discrimination.


Given the nature of our business, the ABC arbitrage Group does not have any direct or material impact on the environment. The Group is nevertheless aware of its responsibility and endeavour to minimize the impact of its activities on the environment and to rigorously use the natural and energy resources that it needs. It thus endeavours to respect the environment in the conduct of our business activities, by taking environmental considerations into account in its operational decisions on the one hand and by awareness-raising actions on the other:

  • The Group has been measuring its carbon footprint since 2021 in order to identify and understand what measures can be taken to reduce the emissions associated with its activity, and to participate in raising collective awareness on this issue
  • Particular attention is paid to encouraging recycling and good waste management, as well as the use of resources (energy efficiency, consumables, etc.).
  • Several awareness-raising campaigns on environmental issues are carried out every year.

The company

  • The group has contributed, at its level and since its creation, to local development as an employer but also by its business since it brings liquidity to the markets and participates fully in the development of the financial industry.
  • The group is committed to respecting all human rights, including those covered by the main ILO Conventions.
  • The Group’s ambition is to assume its social responsibility by taking into account the expectations of its stakeholders, with whom it maintains an open dialogue.
  • Its subsidiary ABC arbitrage Asset Management is committed to taking environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into account in its business activities.

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