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8 Market Analysts Worldwide

9 Financial Operators Worldwide

20 Strategists Worldwide

34 average age Worldwide

Each new hire matters

Prepare to onboard with a small, friendly, smart and committed team.
Express yourself,  add your own and unique value to multiple projects... Surprise us!

If your arrival doesn’t have an impact, we have failed

a mix of  complementary expert skills
Collaborate with multiple teams to get the job done

Market analysts, financial operators, traders, risk management experts, jurists and many others.
Take a look at our current offers to see what kind of talent we are looking for.

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You're a Maker

Developer, Coder, Architect

2M Lines code

250 servers

116K Commits  

Developmentis core business

We don't see development as a support function. That’s why we find the best software engineers and keep them around.

The great majority of our system is crafted in-house, from the trading platform to our backend systems.

We only hire people we trust, and we rely heavily on them to develop our business.

As a dev, you’ll have great colleagues and will work very closely, even pair-programming, with other specialists in the company to create and optimize the tools we all use.

Technical excellence is key

There is no need to convince the management or your colleagues that quality, testing, or tooling is important.

Everybody shares the same mindset and the same understanding of what professional software engineering is.

You’ll be given the means to succeed. The team is small and focused, the hierarchy is flat: every dev is expected to be both technically excellent and a great team player.

We've found that the best way to solve the complex problems we face is by having fun whilst tackling them.

45TB Cassandra cluster capacity

a few projects we work on
a lightweight Peer to Peer Service Bus
in-house metric storage and monitoring system
machine learning techniques to analyse real time news data
Next Gen
our new trading and backtesting platform fully developed in C#
a modern dependency injection framework for C++
  • C# .NET
  • WPF C++
  • Cassandra Redis
  • Elastic search Zmq
  • Windows Linux
  • Messaging Low Latency
  • Big Data Raw Data
My first days at ABC arbitrage

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Developer, Coder, Architect, join our team!

More of a Strategist ?

Quant Trader, Quant Analyst


Will you dareto boost the trading and quant team?

You will pair program, crunch big data, run backtests on our computing grid and then optimize some more.

87 strategies

500 cores grid computing

77 exchanges

  • collaborative open minded
  • alpha generation absolute return
  • multi-assets multi-skilled
  • derivative pricing volatility
  • full tick backtesting
  • young team talented team

We enjoy a culture of trust, innovation and scientific rigor.


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Quant Trader, Quant Analyst, join our team!

Being smart gets you in the door

Your ability to think, learn, and communicate are what we appreciate most. These skills will be what we look for in our selective interview process
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Our philosophy

We are a very flat organization without the bureaucracy and hindrance of a large middle management.
We firmly believe in keeping things simple.
A few figures
Ping Pong

98 tight games

2-0 !

2-0 : ABC football team won the Futsal tournament

75 002

75002 : Our heart is in Paris


90 : number of smiles during the last team event !


Every day challenges me. I get to work with very smart people and cutting-edge technology.

Franck, Dev team