1 . I’m a young graduate with no experience, so I imagine there’s very little chance of being recruited by ABC arbitrage?

We focus on creating new positions and we give motivated candidates all the support they need early on in their careers to enable them to move forward: training, twice-yearly appraisals, a clear path to increase their skills, etc.

ABC arbitrage employees are 34 years old on average (including executive management) and most of our recruits are young graduates.

ABC arbitrage not only recruits young talent, but it also proposes truly operational internships that generally lead to an employment offer.

2 . My studies and my experience are not directly linked to the business of ABC arbitrage, so is there any point in applying?

We recruit people with very different profiles, mainly graduates with four or five years of post-secondary education who have graduated from engineering or business schools and universities. We often recruit “atypical” profiles, based on their skills and expertise and we adapt these to the ABC arbitrage environment in multi-disciplinary teams.

We give priority to people who are curious to learn, who want to take up a challenge, who are determined, who want to achieve something and, above all, who want to remain themselves.

We’re looking for complementary personalities who contribute their specific skills as part of an overall effort to move the company forward as a whole.

3 . The selection process is probably quite tough; how can I convince the HR people that I can be efficient operationally?

The selection process is carried out directly by the operational department which is recruiting people for its own needs. Thus, the appreciation of what skills are required is done close to the ground.

The recruitment process generally takes about one month and is based on three main interviews: department manager, operational employee and an executive. Our recruitment policy requires consensus between everyone involved in the process.

While we are looking for people with a high level of competency, we focus on people with strong personalities and we are especially looking for a certain affinity. We believe that recruitment is a two-way process, which we think is the key for working together successfully. In other words, we think every applicant should also decide to “recruit” his or her employer!

4 . Can a company that’s in such a specialized business really propose future career developments?

The arbitrage business and the expertise it requires are constantly evolving; opportunities for change and experimentation are embedded into the business. The business, the organization and the makeup of teams are all constantly changing as part of the development process of the company.

It is a specific business, but there are many operational variants: in-house equity management, third party asset management, advisory services, creation of alternative funds, etc. Development is ongoing in several areas.

ABC arbitrage is not a traditional pyramid-shaped company; it operates through operating teams and business units which work in synergy, but autonomously.

Career evolution can occur in several different ways: hierarchically, by being given management responsibilities (team or project management), transversally (change in area of activity or business) or in terms of expertise (specialist competencies).

On average, people have been with ABC arbitrage for six years and staff turnover is close to zero.

5 . I want to work in an international environment!

We trade in over fifty stock markets (from our offices in Paris, Singapore and Dublin) and we’re in touch with markets throughout the world.

We work mainly with foreign financial institutions.

Our teams are multi-cultural, with people from diverse backgrounds and countries.

We develop investment funds for an international client base.

6 . I don’t want to risk having a variable salary, especially in a financial company in times of crisis!

ABC arbitrage applies a policy of optimizing each employee’s compensation, with a fixed salary, highly-efficient performance-related benefits and equity-based programs linked to the company’s success.

Variable benefits, evaluated twice a year, are linked to group profitability and since its creation in 1995, ABC arbitrage has consistently produced positive earnings.

The compensation and benefits policy aims to create a convergence of interests between staff and shareholders (approximately one third of profits are earmarked for staff via their equity-based benefits).

7 . It may be a well-paid job, but I also want to work for a company that allows me to enjoy myself and develop personally!

We’re fully dedicate to creating a very human working environment, based on respect, friendliness and pleasure.

Being open and listening to each other, exchanging and sharing are at the heart of our identity.

We not only offer the opportunity to work in an atypical business, but above all we consider that our teams are the core reason for our success and so we ensure that everyone is given the chance to develop both professionally and personally.

We encourage staff to make “emergency exits” when there is a real potential for the person and the company.

8 . A small company like ABC arbitrage can’t really offer me the same benefits as a big group!

We’re a human-sized company, with about 80 full-time staff and so it’s important for us to give each and every person a pleasant working environment that allows them to focus on their tasks.

We operate in offices located in the heart of Paris, with the latest technologies in a very comfortable setting.

Our equipment, facilities and furniture are regularly updated or changed.

Like the biggest companies, we offer excellent health coverage, works-council related advantages, a company restaurant and also exceptional company weekends outings every two years that allow us to share some memorable quality time.

9 . Does the ABC arbitrage group have the resources to achieve its ambitions?

We concentrate our biggest investments on improving our production resources, not just to stay at the forefront of technology, but above all to continue industrializing our processes.

This focus on research & development and increasing productivity should allow us to break free of market conditions; our goal is to generate positive and consistent earnings on the basis of our progress in terms of efficiency.

ABC arbitrage is very active in trade organizations that defend the creation of value and jobs: MiddleNext, Croissance Plus, etc.

ABC arbitrage is listed on Euronext Paris and is recognized as a benchmark stock and source of revenue since 2003.

The group is dedicated to a highly original and unconventional communication policy, breaking the codes of traditional financial communication, thus allowing the company to distinguish itself in its field.

This original approach to communication, as well as its societal and environmental commitments have been recognized several times, through several awards: Grand prix UJJEF and Grand prix Stratégies for its communication and Ethifinance awards for its social and ethical commitment.

Also, since 2007, ABC arbitrage is a partner of Jean-Pierre Dick, a renowned competitive yachtsman, who shares the the same values as the group.

10 . ABC arbitrage policies may be interesting for its staff and shareholders, but what about its contribution to society?

From an economic standpoint, arbitrage is useful for financial markets because it provides cash that drives transactions, but also because it exposes certain anomalies, contributing to greater transparency and the defence of small shareholders’ rights.

From a societal standpoint, we are very committed to our role as a corporate citizen, actively participating in trade organizations such as MiddleNext and Croissance Plus which defend entrepreneurial rights and the creation of value and jobs.

In terms of sustainable development and respect of the environment, we encourage our staff in responsible behavior: recycling of waste, energy savings, incentives to use public and non polluting transport, etc.