We share and cultivate strong values in the ABC arbitrage group:

motivation, determination, dedication, commitment, precision

creativity, innovation, initiative, professionalism, efficiency

curiosity, adaptability, concentration, confidence, cohesion

These values are essential food for thought for ABC arbitrage on an everyday basis. They provide us with realistic and practical references, which used in the right proportions, give a unique taste to our business, which often appears as being austere and technical to the outsider, but which is largely based on the quality of relationships and knowledge sharing between very different people.

In fact, there is no “typical profile” at ABC arbitrage, but above all an attitude based on openness and balance. This means, for example, considering that it is natural to be both supportive and demanding at the same time or that independence does not imply exclusion or exclusiveness.

Above all, we encourage people to be ambitious, as long as they act in the interest of the group and we believe that focused concentration does not imply shutting oneself off from the world and not listening to others.

Focus on six values that make ABC arbitrage group so different.

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Valeurs ABC

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For the 2014 and 2015 school years, funding was provided to the Maison des Talents, an innovative program led by the Fondation Financière de l’Echiquier to enable deserving women scholarship students to pass the entrance examinations for France's most prestigious universities, or grandes écoles. We hope that the partnership will make it easier for the new generation to earn scientific degrees, thereby helping to enhance France's performance and reputation for excellence in these fields.

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