Share registration agent

Uptevia Corporate Trust acts as ABC arbitrage’s Share Registration Agent and is responsible for all administrative aspects relating to registered shareholders. 

ABC arbitrage shares are traded in Compartment B of Euronext Paris. These shares are registered to the bearer by default, in the shareholder’s account.

The shareholders can then choose to maintain these shares “to the bearer”, held by their financial intermediary, request their registration and administration in their name (nominative shares registered in the accounts of the issuing company, but held by the financial intermediary of their choice) or ask that they be simply registered in their name (nominative shares registered directly and exclusively in the accounts of the issuing company).

To request the registration of shares in someone’s name, you can use the model letters available below to be sent to the financial intermediary holding your shares:

*Shareholder’s guide for nominative registration – French version:

Guide_de_l’actionnaire_nominatif STD FR 2023

*Letter requesting registration of shares directly in someone’s name – French version:

Formulaire de transfert en PUR PP FR


Investor Relations

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Phone: +33 1 57 78 34 44

Liquidity contract

Kepler Cheuvreux
Trading desk

Phone: + 33 1 41 89 74 72

Financial anaIysts tracking ABC arbitrage share

Kepler Cheuvreux


Shareholders contact

For any question relating to the subject of the shareholder relationship, access the following link:


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