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The role of ABC arbitrage in the company and the relationships it has with its stakeholders does not stop with its shareholders and employees. Indeed, the societal action of the group is also declined through professional integration, links with educational institutions or professional working groups.

Moreover, in a world in perpetual motion, with ambitious and exciting projects, ABC arbitrage group wishes to remain open to other professions, other passions, other adventures. But also to meet other men and women who drive and live important human adventures: they have in common a form of personal competition, through sport or studies. Coming out of everyday life to discover and share work, innovations, surpassing oneself, to look at things differently, to enrich our own journey, these are the objectives of the ABC arbitrage group through these partnerships “coups de cœur”.

The group also engages alongside French artists to promote art and culture within the company. The group is aware that this contributes to creativity, inspiration and energy and also generates social and sharing interactions, thus promoting the well-being of its employees.

Our vision: Positive finance

Dominique Ceolin, CEO of ABC arbitrage

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