Ethic and CSR

Financial trading calendar

For the members of the board of directors and employees of the ABC arbitrage group on the financial instruments issued by the group.

Close periods
Open periods
Close periods
Open periods
01 January
Results publications D+1
Results publication D
30 June
01 July
Results publication D+1
Results publications D
31 december
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The period is extended by 3 working days for the sale of shares resulting from the allocation of performance shares

General principles

  • Only recurring and predictable events in the life of the ABC arbitrage group (preparation of accounts, determination of results, etc.) may be covered by this scheme.
  • Even during the so-called “positive window” period, each employee must refrain from any intervention on securities or financial instruments of ABC arbitrage Group, if he believes by his functions, to be in possession of privileged information namely non-public, accurate and, if disclosed, may have an impact on the price of ABC arbitrage.
  • In case of doubt about a concrete case or by prevention, each employee has the possibility of asking for an opinion, in all confidentiality, to the deontologist on the compatibility of an operation with the respect of the principles of abstention.